That is Blooming Freaky

January 29, 2015

Driving down F Street and see these…


I’m no expert on these things (as we’ve determined), but I do know for a fact–because I gauge the start of spring (the Davis spring, not calendar spring) each year by when the trees along F bloom and it’s always mid February–that we are two weeks early. Can almost set my clock to it. And now we’re all messed up.

We had narcissus blooming in December, which I think may also have been a few weeks early, but I never count those because they typically arrive in months that are still wintry and I’m used to that.

But I’m not used to blooming trees along F Street in January. I’m not surprised the trees are confused.. we got not one drop of rain in the entire month of January, among other weather oddities, and it’s been near 70 degrees all week, so what the hell.

I, like everyone else, am very afraid for California.

By the way, Don the nursery man says it’s a pyrus kawakami, or ornamental or evergreen pear. And this one is in front of Discovery Preschool, at about 10th: