Ah, sweet mysteries..

So.. yesterday, I’m just standing in the living room, putting my hair up in a clip, as you do, and, looking up, I happen to notice what look like irregular dark smudges along one of our ceiling beams.

Huh, I think, what is that?

I get closer and still can’t quite make it out, but start thinking, are those termites? Is it maybe mold? I yell down the hall to Jim, who yells back to get some binoculars, which I do, but still can’t quite make it out. I, of course, think the beam’s going to fall down and the ceiling collapse, so I leave the room and go back to my office. Jim not wanting to hassle with a ladder right then, decides he’s going to wait until today to check it out.

Here is Jim, today, checking it out (he’s taking a picture and he also collected a sample):


He actually can’t quite tell what it is. The maybe good news is that it doesn’t appear to be either termites or mold. He thinks it sorta looks like something the wind may have brought in. Something maybe in the last storm.

I know. I don’t really understand that either.

I’m not even sure what his plan is for figuring it out. His department, though. I’m staying out of it.

Stay tuned.