No Knee Jerks Allowed

January 20, 2015


These expressions seem to say loyal, weary, smug. Not too far off, huh?

These things really bring out the cynic in me.. States of the Union, I mean. I thought Obama did a good job tonight.  I always feel optimistic after hearing him speak, and it lasts as long as I don’t listen to any rebuttals or commentary. But I did.


Replace one letter and do a tiny bit of rearranging and SOTU (State of the Union) becomes STFU, which was what I wanted to say to the knee jerks immediately critical of Obama’s comments.  Did you even hear his words? Have you read a[n unbiased] newspaper lately?


If I ruled the world, I’d put Pope Francis in charge. I’m really, really liking that guy. Kindness, respect, a reverence for animals and nature… that’s about all we really need, right?