January 7, 2015

Was looking at today’s pictures on my phone–in search of a blog topic–and a theme emerged.


Okay? Here goes…

Color shot #1: ┬áHarvested what was left of lemons from the front yard Meyer today (I can say that now because we have a backyard Meyer)… two buckets full, plus the final peppers–serranos, habaneros, anaheims:


Color shot #2:

That time of day again… late afternoon, sun streams in, this time illuminating the bookshelf and shining through the lights on the tree, leaving colorful streaks, which are not seen in the photo, but I still love it:


Color shot #3:

Jim’s out of town so I get to cook. Decided to make Chicken Ina, also known as Grandma’s chicken: skinned thighs with slabs of butter on top, white wine, lemon (squeezed, cubed and frozen from the last lemon harvest), a bit of broth and tons of lemon pepper. Really, tons. Add to that whatever vegetables you want–in this case fingerling potatoes, carrots and zukes–and bake uncovered for about an hour at 350. It almost tasted like mom’s, but not quite (took this picture before adding the wine and chicken broth, which, when combined with the lemon and chicken fat, makes a flavorful broth):