Out with the Old

January 11, 2015

It was very, very much later than years past, but as of this afternoon, we are stepping off the holiday treadmill–the last of the Christmas decorations were re-boxed, the tree was taken out, the lights down and with that…. holiday season is fini! Final Christmas chore done.

(I actually have a handful of thank you notes left to write… but then, THEN it’s really done.)

It is sort of a three-month thing, isn’t it? About mid-October, you start the holidays kind of gently by putting out a few Halloween-ish things, which get replaced with more harvesty, Thanksgiving-ish things and immediately following that you’re hot and heavy into the crush of Christmas and a house full of red and green things. More or less.

Feels nice to return the house to its normal state… a little clearer of clutter, more open spaces, more room to move, lighter. Way, way lighter. It seems also to coincide with a touch of slightly warmer weather. Hell, the flowering quince is already out and, when working in the garden this past week, we saw other signs of spring growth.

Well. Sure we’ve not seen the last of winter, but I must say, when the whole Christmas thing is over and everything stashed away, especially this late in January, I am almost, kinda ready for spring.

I took no pictures today so will post this.. it’s goes with the moment, as I am currently listening to Jim strumming and picking out “Here Comes the Night” (Them) on Peter’s guitar…