January 10, 2015

I went to an iPhone photo exhibit in the main gallery of the Davis Arts Center and I took this picture with my iPhone.


How meta.

It’s a Dave Webb. Dave’s an iPhone photographer, artist, writer, musician and a friend. I love his work. We didn’t buy anything at this show, but I did purchase one at a previous show and hung it here… the east wall in our living room.. a little dark for taking pictures, sorry.


Very hard to appreciate in this photo, but it’s the one in the upper right hand corner. ¬†All work on this wall is local and depicts our region and/or city (with a small exception, which I’ll explain). Clockwise from upper right: Dave’s iPhone photo of a farm house north of Davis; Phil Gross’s painting of a building at the Davis train station; Kevin Maddrey’s painting of the meadow behind the Tuolumne Meadows tent cabins on the Lyell Fork, with Mount Dana in the background (tons of sentimental value for us and the out-of-region-not-quite-local-artist exception I mentioned); my iPhone photo of the “lollypop trees” seen from I-80 as you drive into Dixon; Phil’s painting of the hills outside Winters on the way up to Lake Berryessa; Phil’s painting of 8th Street, right around the corner from our house; and in the center, Phil’s painting of an aerial view of the central valley farmlands.

I’d acquire more local works, but we are running out of wall space.