Hood Improvements

January 28, 2015

This is me trying to get out of my driveway this afternoon. I was temporarily trapped by this road construction truck and had to hunt down a worker to move it.


This road construction is a very good development.

If you’re me, you’ve always been just a wee bit let down by your neighborhood. Our house is in a great location: close to downtown and restaurants and theaters; close to campus, the Mondavi and the arboretum; close to Central Park and Farmer’s Market; close to the Co-op; across the street from Civic Center park and the baseball diamond–unbelievably convenient for many years. It’s truly a great place to be if you like to be in the middle of a lot of energy and close enough to walk to just about any place you’d need to go.

But… we’re also in the middle of a big municipal block which means we have no across-the-street-neighbors. There are a fair number of student rentals, including a frat house a block away–so lots of red cups–and we have a lot of city, county and campus parking.

We are long on convenience, short on aesthetics.

As it turns out, I’m a person for whom aesthetics is huge. I have a great need to love where I live, I want to love looking at my home in its setting, I want to feel a rush of pleasure as I round the corner to home. I like charm, intimacy, serenity and beauty. We’re short on all that.

So I whine. Not a lot, but sometimes. It’s not attractive. I really have to stop that. (I will say, our house itself is like an oasis in the midst of all the chaos, and I do love it once you’re inside the front door, so there’s that!)

Anyway, on top of the no-charm factor, our street looks like it’s gone through a meat grinder.  We get a lot of traffic because of the university and City and the potholes in the last year have become craters. But this week, they are patching the holes!  I wish they were resurfacing the whole thing like they did on B Street last year, but it looks like that’s a ways off.

Still…. this will be an improvement, and every little bit helps!