It t’was a very fun and rich trip to La Jolla. Fun because of a few standout activities–UC San Diego, the beach, the Zoo, some nice meals out, some nice meals in, and today, the USS Midway (see below)–and rich because of a lot of family time spent with Frames and Cheyneys we don’t see often enough.

Jim comments all the time: I really like my sibs. Me too. A very congenial bunch (rice episode notwithstanding).

Like so much of the weekend (and the days that followed my and Peter’s departure, as well), much time was spent sitting around talking, standing around talking, sitting & standing around talking, posing just a wee bit when asked:


Jim and Elisa:


Teri and Chad:


Peter and his Grandpa:


Jim and Chad:


Marty and Jim. Jim looks weird because 1) he’s covering his missing tooth and 2) he needs a haircut. Nice. Marty never looks weird.


Then we headed to the USS Midway for a self-guided audio tour. It was a lot more interesting than I had imagined. I was impressed with Jim (Sr) and Elisa going up and down narrow stairs, through narrow passageways with 12″ threshholds… basically, you climb all over this ship that housed thousands of sailors and dozens of planes. It was huge and warren-like and they just explored with great interest the whole time. Well, until they pooped out, but still… impressive.

Some shots of the ship:


The sleeping quarters for the lowliest of the crew–the lower the rank, the lower the bunk:


Here’s Peter trying one on. They kept some of their stuff in the compartment under the mattress and the rest in their assigned lockers.


A mock up of one of the ship’s sundry stores. Of note, they sold Look bars, which would have been my salvation if I’d have had to be at sea:


The flight deck, massive; first time I’ve been aboard an aircraft carrier. The USS Midway’s been docked in San Diego now for ten years, and was decommissioned in about 1991 or 1992. I have to admit, it’s pretty neatly situated there, right next to downtown:


This is a view off the bow, the end where the fighter planes took off. It’s a bit mind-boggling to imagine a plane landing and taking off on the top deck of a ship. The whole thing’s a clever space-maximizing marvel, I must say. Those are our audio thingies hanging around our necks. It really was an interesting tour.


After a few hours onboard, we went to The Fish Market for lunch. I thought it was a perfect fish house and the food and service excellent. And the views. This is its setting–a photo I grabbed off the web. The USS Midway is just barely in view in the far left of the picture:


Afterward, Peter and I were dropped off at a car rental place, where we picked up a shuttle to the airport. My travel buddy on the shuttle (I know, on the shuttle bus? It’s just that I look at my kiddo and can hardly believe how big and grown up he is and I end up sneaking these pictures when I can, and well… there it is.):


And hanging out in the San Diego airport… I liked these 60s-era, aqua couches, equipped with modern-era charging stations and power outlets. This whole scene made me feel all Jetson-y:


Our trip back to Sac included a detour through Salt Lake City, which added a bit of time to our commute, but it was fine and uneventful (except for the fact I left my computer on the Sac Airport Parking Lot Shuttle Bus, but that’s a story for a subsequent blog post).

Here is a nice pic of me and Peter on da plane… he’s so agreeable, isn’t he?


Jim stayed down in La Jolla and hung with his family for three more nights, and the rest of them stayed yet another couple nights, leaving the following Saturday.

A duly memorable birthday celebration!