On the Bright Side

January 2, 2015

Traveling weekend… first, a stopover in Palos Verdes for the evening to see my mom, then on to La Jolla to celebrate Jim’s dad’s 90th birthday.

Today was the tedious kind of travel day. We flew this time instead of driving in order to maximize our time and ended up not maximizing our time that much at all.

Driving from Davis to PV, without pushing it, takes seven hours. I have made it in far less time (in my young, invincible and maniacally-driven-to-beat-my-own-record days when I knew, to the minute, how long it should take to get to each landmark along the way and whether I was on track to set a new record… or exactly how I could make up time if I wasn’t), but with a few stops and normal traffic we usually clock in at seven.

You expect flying to be faster, but that’s not necessarily the case, especially if a rental car is in the picture. We’ve found that it’s almost a push–flying taking nearly as long as driving, and the couple hours you might net by flying doesn’t really make that much difference in the long run, so you may as well drive, save money and have your own car while there.

But this trip, every hour was going to make a difference–on both ends–so we decided to fly.

And… well….the hour and fifteen minute flight turned into a seven and a half hour ordeal. We had long lines everywhere we went and a couple of very long waits, some mechanical issues with the plane, a fateful wrong turn when leaving the rental car place, and a bit of holiday weekend traffic.

And it cost a whole lot more. Bonus!

Still… there were positive aspects to the day:

Beautiful sunrise through mist on the Sacramento River:


Some gorgeous views of the shimmery Pacific Ocean as we were approaching the airport, PV in the distance… iphone shot through scuffed up plastic window.. still, I like it:


While we waited FORTY-FIVE MINUTES for the Fox Rental Car shuttle to show up…. got a shot of the iconic Theme Building, which I think is closed at the moment, maybe in some kind of transition. Have a great memory of eating lunch here with my dad once when I had a couple-hour layover in LA on my way to someplace else… and he introduced me to the Cobb Salad.


Went out to dinner with my mom and Chris at the Blue Water Grill–an old fish house standby down by King Harbor–and Peter ordered his first lobster.


I totally admire his spirit of adventure. He didn’t like it all that much, but I love that he tried it, with no prompting from any of us.

And finally… my best score ever in gin rummy against my mom…


Who beats their 85-year-old mom this badly in cards?