January 16, 2015

Now that the year 2015 is a couple weeks in, I thought I’d bring up a couple of housekeeping items.

1)  The blog plan for the year.

I’m going to continue a daily photo journalistic blog, but there may be a day when I don’t have anything to write about and that’s okay. But, while the plan is to write daily, I’m not going to jail if I come up dry on a given day. It’s okay; we’ll just move on to the next day.

This is very different than saying I’ll write when I’ve got something to say, which, when I said that in 2012 and 2013, I wrote next to nothing. Do you see the difference? The default is daily.

Along the same lines, if I have no picture, I have no picture. To wit, I have no picture today. No jail.

2)  8-8-8-8. 

And as long as I’m sharing my plans for the year, I thought I’d go public with my new year’s resolution. I’m big on resolutions… blah blah blah… you know that. Love the opportunity to look back on the year and reflect on high points, low points, milestones. I love the opportunity to reassess and rethink priorities. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to realign, reset the compass, recommit to what’s important, drill down on what is most fulfilling, nurturing and soul-feeding… and recommit to that.

That is a load of re’s.

That said, I’m cruising along on a fine enough path right now, and not wanting for much in the way of reinvention. So, instead of big wholesale changes, I decided to look at what could benefit from some minor tweeking.

And came up with the 8-8-8-8 plan.

Eight glasses of water a day.

Eight hours of sleep a night.

Eight different fruits and vegetables a day.. not servings.. just different fruits and veggies. Going for variety and feel like the servings, if I get that variety, will take care of themselves. 

Eight books.

A habit reboot, if you will.

Because, god almighty, I need more sleep and I have not been drinking anywhere near enough water. I am someone who eats a ton, which I’ll probably keep doing, but I’ve got to get more fruits and vegetables into the mix. And, damnit, this is the year I’m going to set aside more time to read. I picked eight books because 8-8-8-12 doesn’t have much of a ring to it.

We’ll see where this goes. Starting, I guess, tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. aquasoul Says:

    Kari I have no doubt at all you’ll have things to write about….daily. Because you’re right. The difference is the “daily” thing. If you intend to write, then you will, even if you have to apply your fingers to the keyboard before you know what will come out. I love the 8888!

  2. Kari Says:

    You know, this writing thing… all the writer people say you HAVE to develop a discipline of writing. Sometimes you come up dry, but you have to put fingers to keys and gut it out, otherwise you won’t write.

    Tonight I was just like… damn…. falling asleep, it’s 1am, I need to get to bed, I haven’t blogged, this is silly. I have nada to say, I should be able to go to bed.

    Yet I teased out a little something… and I think that’s the key.

    So my idea: Yes, write daily. That is not only the default, but the requirement. If, as last night, I have nada to say, I shall write on the discipline of writing. I have certainly read plenty about that and have much to say.

    New default: nothing to say, write about the discipline of writing. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great plan! I need more water too….. that and less sugar and carbs. Groan.

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