Zoo Time

January 4, 2015

When in San Diego….

Jim, Peter, Teresa, Marty and I decided the zoo would be a great place to hang out on a Sunday. Warm winter day, crowds at the end of the Christmas season were down… it just couldn’t be nicer. And it’s a beautiful zoo,

I was sorry not to have had a better camera. It’s really fun to focus on the world through the lens.. really forces you to look carefully at your surroundings and see everything as a potential subject. The iPhone, good as it is, is not the tool for the job.. not at the zoo… there is just no way to get close ups; there is no resolution on these at all. Still, it was fun to take a million pics. These are the better ones:



Flamingos, ducks:




Okapi butts:


Polar bear:


One seemingly agitated tiger:


And these things:


If you back way up and look at these pictures from a distance with your contacts out, they may look okay. In person, the animals were stunning, hilarious, dazzling, elegant, heartbreaking…

The zoo is so impressively designed and thoughtfully laid out. Hills, vegetation, clever touches everywhere.

This was fun… the Skyfari:


You are waaaaay up there:


And you get great views of San Diego in the distance:


.. and cute 16-year-olds closeby:


We returned to La Jolla and joined the others for dinner at an Italian place called Osteria Romantica, which was good. Walking home, Marty, Peter and I detoured to walk a little on the beach and gawk at gargantuan houses..


… and then crashed.

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