Ten Hours, Give or Take

January 1, 2015

That’s about how many hours I sat in the chair and looked at this:


It’s such a cliche to have a hangover on New Year’s Day, after partying on New Year’s Eve. As lightweight a drinker as I’ve become, however, I honestly do not think drinking is what caused this monster headache. This was a headache that felt like I was carrying an anvil around in my head, one that pressed weightily and relentlessly in all corners, especially on top.  My usual headache is one I can isolate with one finger in one spot on one side. It’s a mother of a headache too, but this one was different; this one hurt over large swaths of cerebral real estate. Waaaah.

That’s pretty much why I didn’t move from this spot today.

I am not kidding, I had one glass of chardonnay and one pint of nut brown ale last night. That was it. Over a span of four hours of dancing and plenty of water drinking. There is no way my suffering today was due to that.

I was looking forward to a world class down day, so there’s that. But I’d have preferred it come pain free. Still, I managed to get through about 300+ unread emails in my inbox, accumulated over the last several weeks. I unearthed some pretty good stuff in those emails, and caught up on some obligations I didn’t know needed catching up on.

A little bit of a sucky way to start the year, but I shall not complain. 2015 will have plenty of days on which to improve. It can only get better from here.

2 Responses to “Ten Hours, Give or Take”

  1. mamawolfeto2 Says:

    Sorry to hear about your pain. Sometimes i think the Universe overdoes it when she’s trying to tell us to slow it down! Heres to a healthy 2015!

    • Kari Says:

      Ah…. yes… the universe and its messages… will listen harder! The headache remains today, suggesting it’s that one I get every so often that lasts two days and is not nice. Mean headache.

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