December 26, 2014

Oh how I love the day after. I know I’ve written about that a lot in the past, but man….  I just love the wide open spaces of a day without tasks and commitments, following days full of tasks and commitments. I know you do, too.

is that a collective exhale I hear?

The holidays are so full, there are so many tasks that have to be done. But at this time of year especially, I have such a desire to go into that inner space, to connect with a sweeter spirit, to reflect. So, mostly, it’s the silence that I appreciate when the holiday has passed. The time and space to meander.

So I was lying in bed just thinking about it all… the weeks following the last big exhale (which happened the day after the Peterson family’s departure following a wonderful Thanksgiving visit). I hadn’t posted much in Facebook in the last few weeks, but tapped out a thought while lying there in the quiet:

Good, good morning…beautiful day after Christmas. Just lying here thinking… I will never, ever forget this season. One beloved uncle (Vic) died at 92, another (Bud) celebrated his 90th birthday. We lost a dear, dear friend unexpectedly and way too soon… Rest in peace Floyd. Another aunt (Annita) 91, is entering her final stages of life, and we will celebrate Jim’s dad’s (Jim) 90th birthday next week. We have been up and down the state and criss-crossed it numerous times not missing a chance to celebrate and honor our sweet elders. We got to host my mom and all my sibs for Thanksgiving and see them again just a few days before Christmas on one of our trips south and THEN had a great Christmas with all the Frames in the Bay Area yesterday. And underneath it all Peter said this was the greatest Christmas ever…mostly for all the right reasons. I think in addition to a good haul, he sensed the extra love and kindnesses and LIFE and FAMILY happening all around. This morning it all feels peaceful and quiet and ready for what might unfold next. Love to all.

Just scratchin’ the surface, Facebook style, ya know? Ready to be in that New Year space I love so much. Working to make sense of the past year, prepare for the next with intention and open heartedness.


So… yeah, first things first…all the Christmas stuff, which was good, really good. But also Uncle Vic, Aunt Annita, Uncle Bud, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Ina, Uncle Dean, Aunt Ellie, Aunt Joy, and Floyd, June… all dealing this Christmas season with life, death, mortality, challenges, changes.  And everyone around them, dealing with all of that, as well.

I’m especially grateful Peter’s aware, at least somewhat engaged, taking it all in. I don’t want to beat him over the head with life lessons, but I sure want him to see beyond his sphere a little, and I think he is starting to.

I think Buddhists learn to breathe in life’s suffering, and to breathe out love. I am really moved by this idea. I love the consciousness of that, the awareness of other people’s pain, the intention of connecting with compassion. it gives me an incredible sense of peace.

I’m using this picture again because it fills me with such joy. It defines, at least in part, what Christmas was about this year… Uncle Vic (with Jane) just hours before he died. Love and a life well lived.


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