Psychic Space

July 21, 2014

I am a lover of psychic space.

Having some, I am able to start my latest editing project–reading a draft of a friend’s manuscript in search of typos, grammatical or spelling mistakes, format inconsistencies, and any other goof ups that appear. Largely proofreading. But she’s also open to hearing about my general impressions of the material, tone, any confusion that may arise… so it’s a bit beyond just proofreading.  Heaven.

I think of myself these days as a freelance writer/editor, free in this case also referring to the fact I do it without pay.

In the editing realm I have no qualms about working for free because I have no formal training as an editor. I think I have a careful eye and do a pretty good job of it, but I can miss stuff, too. I have given thought to becoming more official, whether that means taking some kind of course or getting certified in some way.. not sure. On my list of things to think about.

My writing is small potatoes: blogging, press releases, feature stories, sports write ups, copy for whatever, and… my own personal threat to myself to actually write something real, like… I really can’t bring myself to say it… but something. Someday. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just keep doing what I do now. Who knows.


I do know this: I love it. And I especially love it when I have the aforementioned psychic space, the decks cleared, and the time to sit in a comfortable, cozy spot–coffee, snacks and a pencil (or, you know, computer or whatever the means) at the ready.

That was today.


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