Photo essay on the day.

The Junior Legion game in Santa Rosa? Ehh. We scored two, they scored eleven. We got five hits, they got seventeen…  and that’s what I mean, the hits just kept on coming.. The boys just didn’t have it today. Lots of mental errors, no cohesion, no real energy.

But, they got through that..




And then we headed to Phyllis’ Giant Hamburgers to catch the end of the World Cup championship game between Germany and Argentina.  Gerrrrrr and Arggggggg!


I do believe that was more of a soccer game than I’d ever, ever watched–minus Peter’s one-year stint in AYSO at five years old. Grateful, for the billionth time, Peter leaned toward baseball instead of soccer.

Wes Young took a wonderful shot of the boys, as he does:

legion teammates

L to R: Gooey, Solly (Ray hiding in blue hat behind Solly), James, Peter, Mason looking down, Tyler and Jonah.

And we had a nice commute through the wine country… talking for hours coming and going with Matt and Solly.  Well, with Matt, anyway–always a great time.

Coupla iPhone shots through the windshield of a moving vehicle:




(These vineyards are just everywhere, man.)

The varsity team wrapped its summer season with a BBQ tonight, which we got back in time to attend.

Many hits today.