Peter’s driven. So to speak.

Had his 15th and a half birthday not fallen on Christmas Eve, he might have gotten his permit sooner, but, given the holiday schedule, the best he could do was to get it on January 3rd… which meant the soonest he could get his permanent driver’s license was… uh… let’s see… TODAY.

He satisfied all the criteria — the online course, the written test, the three road lessons, and made the appointment for his road test perfectly within all windows. Motivation makes a planner/implementer out of even our organization-challenged teenager.

Here are today’s milestone moments:

Early to the DMV, in order to be there when doors opened at 8:00am (driving test scheduled for 8:00am… of course.). Folder of paperwork in hand, he texted friends and took some of his own pictures.  This was definitely a big deal for him.


After the usual bureaucratic stuff, he drove off at about 8:45. John was his tester, the one the kids really like, apparently.  He’s been there about ten years and passes you, even if you hit the curb (so we hear). John was funny, relaxed and had clearly done this a time or two.



A person can make fifteen mistakes and still pass. Peter made five.  But got lots of positive feedback, too. Bottom line: look both ways when you’re driving through intersections and work on your stopping points when at a stop sign.



Right after the test, Peter dropped me off at home, then took off for baseball practice. All by himself. So here’s the shot of the first time out the driveway alone (see left blinker light on?).



A few hours later, he returned to have lunch (he’d gone to Subway to pick up a sandwich,  and a donut next door, all by himself!). He debriefed the whole thing for Jim and me (thrilled!) and gloated over his test results:


And then… a moment to pose for a picture behind the wheel (that was a requirement to getting the car for the afternoon):


He’s planning to make the rounds at various friends’ houses, go out to the creek to swim and has to get gas.

A full afternoon of driving hither and yon.

And I’m pretty sure life has just changed for all of us.