Status Update

July 18, 2014

  • My mom’s turned a corner and feels a whole lot better. She is out of the woods and could be out of the hospital by Sunday.


  • I’m sorer than hell. Thanks Igor. Also? Triceps.


  • The great summer filing project’s begun and is tedious as all get out, but, you know, gotta be done.


  • The Peter Frame Responsibility Tour’s added a new stop. It needs a new name, too, but the point is, he’s now picking his clothes up off the floor. Maybe.


  • Our former favorite neighbors, the philosophy professors, moved back to town five years ago (to a different neighborhood, unfortunately) and after running into them periodically over those last five years and saying, “Let’s have dinner soon!,” we finally had dinner tonight.


  • No picture today. Instead, here’s a sunset from Wednesday, following the junior legion’s crushing mercy-decision loss to TC Legion of Fairfield. Not Peter’s most shining moment on the mound. Though this mom thought he looked great anyway. But hey, ┬áthe sunset was truly spectacular.