My Fifty Ninth Fourth

July 5, 2014

Managed a little red white and blue yesterday.. not much, but a little. Not my alltime favorite holiday or anything, but I still feel bummed if we’re not doing anything, because it’s a holiday and all, and I’m weird that way.  But our plans were few.

So I ended up doing a little work at home (getting something done that’s been hanging over my head for months, which took about 45 minutes and made me feel absurdly accomplished) and spent some pretty nice time in the hammock (twice yesterday, actually), which was the best.  We went to a pool party which was nice because I sat in the shade under misters — which have to be one of the best inventions ever — drinking mojitos, and catching up with a friend who’s always full of stories… she didn’t even notice I was glazy. I knew that part of the day was going to be worth not knowing anybody (except the one) at this party because: 100 degrees, swimming pool, mojitos, a long table of party food.  And, unanticipated bonus: misters.

Not complaining about any of that.

Jim and I had also wandered downtown for lunch and watched a little of the annual bike races. I almost hate watching criterium races because of all the crashes. Makes me nauseous. We saw two. Woozy just thinking about them.

And, later, met a friend at the fireworks.

So… that was the day, and these are the pictures:

Women in the pro-am fasty-fast-fast division.  Frightening.




And of course the essential 4th of July fireworks pictures, of which I had a few [..more than I needed].

The worst of the lot:



And the best of the lot.  My best, that is, by far not the best, even amongst the many iPhone pictures I saw people post on Facebook, which were mediocre.

So I played with this one and made the fire shoots purple. (Fire shoots?  What do you call those things?)  Because purple fireworks would be neat.



I’m saving my favorite 4th of July story for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned.