Trout For Dinner

July 15, 2014

T’was the 85th annual Major League Baseball All-Star game tonight, this being about mid-season (already?!). We weren’t there, obviously, it was in Minneapolis, but MLB TV actually carried it (I take back all the terrible things I’ve ever said about them).

We have two TVs in our house. One’s an ancient, 27″ regular old TV and is in my office. It’s used for the Academy Awards and Netflix stuff. It’s like your grandma’s TV, but it’s actually hooked up to a ROKU box so we can watch real, current shows like Orange is the New Black and Louie. And it’s a color TV. We’re nothing if not modern.

The other is a big, fancy digital flat screen TV and is in Peter’s room. Jim and I never watch it.

But tonight, as it was the All-Star game, we did. We set up a card table in Peter’s room and the three of us actually ate dinner in there. Peter’s a huge Mike Trout fan so, seeing as he was named the MVP of the game it was a great night. Trout went 2-for-3, including a double, scored a run and drove in two. He also made a nice play in left. And he’s 22 and it’s his third appearance at an All-Star game and we saw him play in Anaheim a couple years ago. And… Mike Trout.