I Let The Bed Bugs Bite

July 31, 2014

At least I slept tight.

For what was supposed to be a restful, uneventful week in PV–mom’s pneumonia recovery week–it sure has had its share of drama. Today’s: the likely discovery of bed bugs in the guest room, aka MY OLD ROOM!

So not happy about this.

Mom will get confirmation tomorrow when the pest people come, but in the meantime, a look at my pillow with my mom’s lighted magnifying glass (my beloved tempurpedic pillow that I ALWAYS travel with because it is the miracle neck saver), reveals the tell-tale bed bug fecal spots (so gross), which I think I got down here, but who knows?

The pest people will investigate and let her know if the guest room bed is crawling with bed bugs and, if so, that will explain the dozens of bites all over my back, chest, neck… well, everywhere. I’ve got them everywhere. And they’re so itchy.

I’m in the early stages of bed bug research, which is to say I’m in that mildly panicked state, trying to figure out what-all has been infested… all the guest room bedding? Carpets? Mattresses? If I brought it on my pillow from Davis, does that mean all the clothes in my suitcase now have bed bugs? Have I been wearing clothing infested with bed bugs and is that why I have bites everywhere? Is our bed at home full of them? Is this itching in my hair just my imagination? When will all this itching stop???

Here’s a picture of the front yard, which… when you live in such a forest, I guess you can expect bugs, huh?