More Like Brownfield

July 9, 2014

Headed down to Fairfield for a baseball game this evening. With the exception of some of the walk-up music selections (maybe techno-funk-rap-thump), it was about as nice as an evening of baseball can be: beautiful setting; stadium seats; iPad on lap; sun low in sky; warm enough for sleevelessness, but cool enough to be glad you brought a sweatshirt, and gladder you didn’t quite need it; a functioning, readable scoreboard; bathrooms close-by; iced latte in hand; a field full of athletic ballplayers who played an errorless, close game (Davis lost). Exceptional.

Fairfield’s full of rolling, brown, sundried hills. Incredibly picturesque. Here are a couple futzed-with shots:

An HDR version of the hills:


And a filter they call, “seventies.” ¬†Whatever:


The cars, barely visible, are driving along I-80.

This was the view of the field early in the game.. rich, isn’t it?