Stairmaster to Heaven

July 19, 2014

Our garage takes my breath away, and not in a good way. Being the obsessively organized person that I am, and critter-averse, I can barely walk through the garage, let alone hang out in there. It’s Jim’s space. I’ve learned to let it go.

But, as I wrote a couple days ago, I’ve discovered, in the last six months or so, that time spent on Jim’s Stairmaster, which is in the garage, is well worth the clutter shock.

For Jim, the Stairmaster has been a daily ritual for maybe 25-30 years, but, until recently, I’d never even set foot on it.  Part of it was I stubbornly insisted on alternative forms of exercise (better forms…I’m snobby that way). And part of it was the garage.

But earlier in the year, I was largely homebound because of that skin chemo treatment; I didn’t want to freak everybody out at Davis Swim and Fitness… so, in desperation, I decided to try the Stairmaster. It wasn’t all that bad..  Jim’s got it  set up with NPR and a powerful fan trained right on the machine.  After a few sessions, I figured out how to mount my iPad so I can now guiltlessly play all the games of Spider Solitare that fit into a 45-60 minute workout. The garage Stairmaster has now become something I actually look forward to. It’s good-enough-in-fact-great aerobic exercise that I don’t even notice because: NPR and Spider. It actually feels like downtime… very efficient, cardio-enhancing downtime

And it’s ten feet from the kitchen.. which is to say, I don’t have to drive to south Davis.