Go [Whoever’s] Team

July 1, 2014

Jim’s birthday baseball game–a month and a half after the fact, but that’s how these things go. Jim, Peter, me. Giants v. Cardinals. First game in a 4-game series.


I didn’t really have a dog in this fight, but being in San Francisco, I was more or less rooting for the Giants. Jim was ambivalent, and Peter has always been a Cardinals fan. I just love being there, no matter.

Here are some pics:

Arrived early so we could watch batting practice and get a head start on the eating portion of the program.


Ate popcorn while standing in the bleachers behind left field, hoping, maybe, to catch a homerun ball.  Watched this Cardinal do tricks with a baseball:


Goofed around:


Then got hot dogs and garlic fries… oh those fries…..


While we ate those, we watched Tim Lincecum warm up in the bullpen.  Peter (far left) went down and got his own pictures. Lincecum was coming off his second no-hitter (five days ago) and was pretty hot:




Settled in to watch the game… more eats: peanuts, a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae (Peter), red vines and cotton candy… I think that’s it.  Glad for the seventh inning stretch… standing aided in digestion!

Got an accidental selfie that came out pretty good!


We got to see Randy Choate pitch the final inning for the Cards.  Not sure how long he’s been with them, but he just celebrated his tenth year anniversary in the majors. He is well known in Davis because he married a local woman: the mom of one of Peter’s former teammates (Jake), a Davis raised girl (and daughter of the high school football coach), and a long-time coach herself at the high school (Leigh Whitmire).  Choate’s worked out with the DHS baseball team (not Peter’s vintage, however) and is very well liked ’round these parts.

The Giants ended up winning 5-0 in a pretty fun game. Then, it was When The Lights Go Down in the City time…   I have to say, I love the part when the whole stadium sings. Maybe New York New York at Yankee Stadium was more chills-inducing, however.

Here’s the view leaving AT&T Park:


And a final look back at the stadium, with lights illuminating McCovey Cove:


Great birthday, Jim!