Unabashedly Baseball

July 20, 2014

What else can I post, after a long weekend of baseball games? Today’s game was the last in the Junior Legion’s regular summer season.

And, oh my, what a challenging summer season this has been. Twenty games… they won four. That’s rough. I think it’s largely because they were playing teams that were fielding varsity rosters. Not absolutely sure about that, but I’ve heard a few people say so.

Our Junior Legion team this summer has consisted of, at one time or another, thirty players, about half of whom came from last year’s Freshman team and half from the Junior Varsity team. A handful of our Junior Varsity players were called up by Coach Arioloa at the beginning of the summer to play with the Varsity’s summer squad, so they were not in the mix. On the Junior Legion team, Coach Watts (the Freshman coach) has been carrying a regular roster of about twenty-ish players, which is a lot, and moving them all over the place. That is exactly what summer ball is about for Davis High–testing players at different positions, moving them in and out, getting a good look at them in various configurations. It’s all about figuring out who will go up to Varsity next year, who will play Junior Varsity (only freshman and sophomores are eligible), who will sit out. Every day feels like a tryout. It’s a bit of a pressure cooker for the older classmen (the juniors, in this case), who, if they don’t make the Varsity team next year, are suddenly at loose ends. As Coach Watts so brutally put it at a team meeting a couple years ago, “every baseball player’s career comes to an end sometime.”

Anyway…chaotic, un-cohesive, messy, and a bit of a morale buster… that is Junior Legion.  Nobody’s fault, that’s just what summer ball with thirty players is. Still: twenty whole baseball games! I’m not complaining!

And, next week, playoffs begin! I’ll see Wednesday’s opener, but will miss the others (since I’m going for a long overdue trip south to see mom). It’s a double elimination tournament, so they’ll get at least two games in. Hoping, against hope, for more. Stay tuned.

And then the Fall season, which starts on the first day of school (August 27), another version of Summer ball. And then Spring tryouts for Varsity. Wheeeee.

So, with that, here are some photos from the weekend (three games in which we were outscored by Vacaville 39-14).

My favorite is, again, not mine–it’s Wes Young’s… here are Ray and Peter, following yesterday’s double header. They have become such good friends:



Here are a couple photos I messed with of Peter at the plate:


This could very well be the last at-bat I see of Peter’s this summer (in the event he pitches-only on Wednesday), so, you know.. had to capture it in faded, romantic tones:


And here’s a shot of Coach Ariola and Coach Watts before today’s game, undoubtedly exchanging intel on the boys… oh, if only the blades of grass could talk…




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