It Just Doesn’t…

June 19, 2014

… get much better than this.

As summer baseball goes, anyway.  I’ve written about Clark Field in Woodland before… as it turns out, my Post 77 Boys blog post is one of the most read in my whole Life of Wry blog-o-verse… which has more to do with search engines and search queries and the fact there are a whole lot of people in the world interested in the American Legion baseball league, and less about my little ol’ blog post…. but here’s a link to it anyway, The Post 77 Boys from June 15, 2011.

So tonight? The summer varsity squad played under the lights on a warm (though not nearly as warm as the night I described three years ago), windless evening, on a field as beautiful and lush as the one I described back then. Only this time, Peter wasn’t the bat boy, he was the pitcher. And while not the biggest guy on the field, he wasn’t the shrimpy guy he was back then, either.

It was fun (very fun), he pitched well (quite well), and he gets to pitch again for the team next week. We might call that living to pitch (yet) another tournament.

Jim took some pictures. I like the effect through the heavy duty chain link fence.






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