Peter and Walter

June 14, 2014


It has finally come to this….  Peter and Walter playing on the same team.

We met the Bolles when Peter and Walter were teammates on a fall AYSO soccer team almost eleven years ago.. the only time Peter ever played soccer.. so big in this town. Not his monkeys, not his circus (my current favorite saying).  Though soccer didn’t last, the friendship did. We’ve become very good family friends–regular dinners, birthdays, holidays, several trips together… basically, our boys have grown up together.

Instead of soccer, for Peter, it was baseball.  He started playing t-ball the following spring and, of course, that’s where he stayed.

The Bolles, too, are all about baseball (seriously all about baseball). Walter played soccer maybe one more year, but he also focused on baseball. Walter is a year older, however, so he and Peter have never played together on the same team. (There was one weekend a couple of years ago when Crush needed an extra player and Walter offered to fill in, but that doesn’t really count).

In Little League, while in the same division, they never played together; in District tournaments, they never played together. In travel, Walter played for Dynasty and Peter played for Crush. Walter played JV when Peter started as a freshman. Walter went up to varsity when Peter started JV. It’s not clear, yet, if Peter will make varsity next year, but so far this summer, he’s been getting a chance to pitch in tournament games.

So.. this is the closest we’ve come to date. Figured it was good for a few pictures! Here are Peter and Walter, in varsity whites, in the bullpen at the San Jose tournament. Peter’s warming up for his game. He pitched fine, though not as well as in his first varsity outing. He threw strikes and stayed in for six innings (plus, they won 7-1). He gave up 9 hits (ouch) but got out with only one run (unearned).. nice work defense! Walked one, hit one, struck out two. Hope he can keep that up. Hey, he even got an at-bat… got to 3-2, then hit a nice ball into deep center/right. Caught, but a good contact.

Here are a couple more shots:

At left, the hero pitcher from the playoff season, Kris Prince, who, as a non-starter all year, got starts in two championship contests, pitching complete 7-inning games; Walter, looking studious; and Peter.



And here’s a long shot that includes catcher Eric Walker, “E-Walk,” someone who’s played on and off of Peter’s teams for the last five years. He’s a year ahead and will rotate this year in the catcher slot. He’s the other half of the well-known twin set (brother Andrew, A-Walk), and son of gardening partner Frances.  Love that kid:




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