On a Cloud

June 7, 2014

We have a very happy boy this afternoon.  

I need to document this because, as you know, this blog is my record of family life and this was a big day for our kiddo; so you readers not interested in an excited mom’s baseball tale, it’s very okay to exit now. Thanks. 

The short of it: Peter got to pitch a game for the varsity team today–a wooden bat tournament in Yuba City. Getting called up is a great opportunity for a JV player, a chance you don’t want to blow. What’s more, he got to start, so it was big.  

He must have felt a little nervous at first because he walked the first two batters (though he did open his first varsity pitching outing with a strike). The third guy bunted, no surprise, to advance batters to second and third, but Peter made a nice play to throw him out at first. He then struck out their number four batter (which was awesome) for the second out.  The fifth batter hit a routine grounder that should have ended the inning, but it was misplayed and those two base runners came home. Unearned runs, but, you know, if they hadn’t initially been walked…. well, whatever, the next guy got out and the inning was, gratefully, over. 

That was pretty much the last bad thing that happened.

Early jitters over, Peter relaxed a little and the next four innings went smoothly.  

His stats on the game:

5 innings; 71 pitches; faced 20 batters and threw first-pitch strikes to 15 of those; struck out 2; walked 2; hit 1; gave up 1 hit; had 0 earned runs; threw 62% strikes; appeared calm and controlled throughout. 

When he left the game, the score was tied 2-2. Davis scored a run in the bottom of the sixth and half an inning later, ended the game a run ahead. The team, Pleasant Grove, is one of the region’s strong ones.. missing its seniors, but so was Davis. It counts.  

Starting pitcher, five innings, a one-hitter, and the team went home with a win against a power house opponent.  That’s a good day.  

He was incredibly relieved. It’s such a great feeling when you do well… remember that feeling? I know he was on a cloud.





3 Responses to “On a Cloud”

  1. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    Great story! Congrats to Peter! Never apologize for being a proud mom, Kari! You have every reason to be one!

  2. Add sportswriter to your own list of accomplishments.

  3. Sabrina OHanleigh Says:

    How exciting!! I am happy for him. Sabrina

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