Season’s End

June 2, 2014

First high school sports banquet.  It was primarily to honor the varsity players and coaches, but the JV players, coaches (and families) were also invited and took up an adequate portion of the program.

It was held at the outdoor cafeteria area at DHS and featured gaggles of studly athletes, their ever-supportive families, coaches standing in clusters, giant trays of food from Outback Steakhouse, more desserts than even all those studly athletes and their families could consume, and blue and white everywhere.

Oh, and there were speeches, letters, awards, and championship rings given out. Accolades flew and emotions were touched.

All and all, a very nice evening.  Here are some pictures:

Good ol’ principal Will Brown showed up again and delivered some inspiring words:


Here are some shots of the JV coaches:


Jaret on left and head coach Bob Creely…



Father and son coaches, Brent and Jed Mille….



And Rich (Jaret’s father) and Bob again…




And the JV boys:

Soloman, Daniel and Jake (Gooey)…



Alex and Ray…



Hunter, Gabe, Peter, Mason (in back) Noah, Gavin (way in back), and Tyler…



Tyler, Gabe, Peter, (Noah) and James…



Mason, Gavin, Alex, Ray…




And finally, coach Creely recognizing Peter (with Ray, Gavin and Jake waiting their turn)…



(Not pictured, Jacob.)

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