Katy’s Son Jack

February 1, 2020


I miss my friend Katy. She ended her life about 16 years ago for reasons that made sense to her, leaving the rest of us wondering how we missed that she was in such pain. I wrote about her death here: https://lifeofwry.com/2014/08/13/katy/

…and still think of her anguish and wish she was here so we could talk about it and find a better way through it. She’s not, though.

But her son Jack is, and he came for a short visit.. left just an hour or so ago. I was extremely pleased that he contacted me a couple weeks ago. He was going to be at Esalen in Big Sur for a 5-day yoga and meditation retreat, and then he was going to spend a few days snowboarding in Tahoe.. and since Davis is between the two, could he stop in for an overnight… and of course I said yes. Wow, yes!

Loved every second of his visit.. from his descriptions of ayurvedic yoga practice to his reading of poems written while in the thermal hot springs at Esalen to the snowboarding tutorial he offered.. enjoyed all of the numerous topics we covered and remembrances we shared.  Jack is a very thoughtful, engaging human being who I met 45 years ago and who became a man his sweet mom would respect and cherish, cut from her cloth.

These aren’t the Sunday best photos, but posting them anyway…
Sally, me, Penny and Katy, first day of school, probably 7th grade:

IMG_0641 2

Julie, me, Katy in about 1975:

Julie Kari Katy

Me on top of Julie; Sally on top of Patti; Lisa on top of Jeannie; Robin on top of Katy; Donna on top of Wendy. Girl Scout troop 262, sometime during junior high.


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