Just Another News Day

February 3, 2020

Oh, the news… it hurts.

The impeachment trial, after two-ish weeks, entered its final stages today–closing arguments from both sides–and I don’t know that anything could be as significant a tipping point in the state and future of our republic (though only one side feels that way). I’m not going to go into any of that, but I cried, again, as Adam Schiff–eloquent and compelling–delivered his closing remarks. The outcome is pre-ordained, the president* will be fully acquitted. It’s breathtaking and shameful and beyond beyond. I have no words (obvs).

That was this morning.

And this evening, after a long, tedious, insanely expensive, make or break year of campaigning by a million presidential candidates, the Iowa caucuses finally arrived.  It’s just mind blowing (and ridiculous) how much effort and attention has gone into this 2020 campaign so far, all leading to tonight’s caucuses… and…  there was a technical glitch in the app that was supposed to tally the results. So, here we are in the wee hours of the next day and we have nothing.. nada. It’s just stunning, as the candidates, the people of Iowa, the media, the public… are all in this no-man’s-land of no results. It’s impossible to process the magnitude of the mess up.  Yet, there we are. The campaigns have now left town, bound for New Hampshire, the next primary.  It’s just weird. Maybe results will come in tomorrow, but will they be trustable, conclusive?

Tomorrow more impeachment trial wrap, though the country is, apparently, so over it, plus the State of the Union (ugh, just one big campaign speech.. one I don’t plan to suffer through). Probably most ominous is the horrifying news of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus which has become an epic, multi-country public health crisis that is also rapidly becoming a threat to the entire global economy.

Did I miss anything in the day’s news?

Here’s a nice picture from the other day… foggy morning down at Putah Creek.