Yay, Brian!

February 8, 2020

Was pleased to have been invited to the Annual UC Davis Alumni Awards Gala as part of the support team for Brian Sway, who was one of seven (or eight) folks to receive recognition for various achievements and contributions.

The event was held inside the Peter J. Shields library, which was an unexpectedly gorgeous setting.. there among the stacks. We sat at real library tables, surrounded by books and art. Saw lots of friends, all dressed up (quite a novelty for me), and got to spend time with Brian’s daughters, Meagan and Julia, who I knew as toddlers and who are now married and in careers (Meagan’s an established lawyer, Julia’s a brand new nurse).

Here are a few pics:


This is the view from where we sat.  Brian’s on stage accepting his award. Note the library tables. Each table had two monitors, one for each side.


Here’s a close up of Brian at the podium, making his thanks. This is a shot of what we’re looking at on the monitor at our table.


And another monitor shot, this time a video detailing the honorees’ work:


With Julia…


And a final shot of the venue…


See? Lovely.