A Man and His Shop

February 10, 2020

Look at this happy guy.



Jim’s working on a coffee table. He’s building the base and a table top that accommodates a tile arrangement custom-designed by a local ceramic artist. I will certainly post pictures of this collaborative table building project as we get closer to a finished product!

For now, I’m just appreciating how the workshop is coming along and how crazily satisfied Jim is with his ever-evolving workspace, and the prospects for endless projects.

So far, time in the garage-turned-workshop has been mostly meta.. he’s been building benches for building projects, and organizing and fixing spaces so he can better organize his future organizing and fixing projects. He’s shuffling tools and materials hither and yon as he designs and builds a variety of vessels and wall units and shelves to eventually store all those things. If that makes sense. Basically he’s setting himself all up to spend many great years in his customized dream workshop.  As workshop guys do, I imagine.