The Jewel

February 14, 2020

In English, la joya means “the jewel.” I assume that La Jolla is a form of la joya.. they’re certainly pronounced the same.

In any case, Jim and I are in La Jolla, meeting up with Peter within the hour, I hope. He’s still in class. We flew in to San Diego at about noon and headed to a little culinary pocket of mostly Mexican restaurants we discovered a few visits ago, this time eating at a place called Lucha Libre Taco Shop (which is full of Mexican pro wrestling kitsch). It’s considered completely authentic (why wouldn’t it be?) and it was good. We’re now killing time in our hotel room, but spent a good part of the afternoon walking along the beach in this lovely (ritzy) quintessential Southern California coastal town.  Beeeeeautiful day. I might be a bit sunburned.

Some snaps:


I liked the water patterns.




Played a little with this one. Note the surfing blobs out there.



This is a neato front door.


I just love a bare eucalyptus trunk. It is the coolest look. And those roots..


It’s Valentine’s Day… so these just materialized out of nowhere…


Fun to have a thatched hut on the beach for folks to use. This is near what appears to be a popular surf spot; and the waves (which were breaking to the left of this shot) looked pretty fun.


I’m always a sucker for rows of backlit palm trees against a blue sky.


And, Happy Valentine’s Day!  I love us: