It’s Been Some Great Fish

February 20, 2020

Wrapping up my swing through Southern California.

Spent a leisurely day at Matt and Michael’s. Read by the fire by the pool (they do that kind of thing here)…


…and ate well.  Tonight’s fish foray was to the just-opened San Pedro Fish Market (in Long Beach)..


They had a lot of bugs to work out (we were during their soft opening phase), and a lot of the meal didn’t work, but the fish was fantastic. You wandered through their fresh fish “market,” picked your fish, and they prepared it to order. They had dozens of options. I went with swordfish. Among the best I’ve ever eaten.

Now I know why they call it red snapper.


This was our dinner gang tonight. We’re displaying a Christmas gift that Matt and Michael opened tonight from Jay and Saythong, delivered (a bit late) by Chris. They are ribbons that Saythong hand made. Beautiful handiwork by a talented, artistic and thoughtful person.


Bev’s on the far right. She’ll be 90 on July 11. She’s been through a bout of nasty stuff, including cancer, shingles and a fall or two. She’s a trooper!