Spring at the Market

February 29, 2020


‘Twas a dreamy day at the Farmer’s Market…

Weather app says it’s in the low 60s. Our yard is a riot of spring blooms, making me wonder why we’d bother with a whole new front yard landscaping plan (but we will anyway).

Even with the spring weather so obviously and delightfully wafting in, we’ve still got a toe in winter. These are the leafless sycamores that bow over the bench we were sitting on in the Central Park plaza area. No shade in that courtyard.


With latte (me) and iced tea (Jim) in hands, and my hazelnut chocolate croissant making me kinda guiltily happy, it was a very, very nice morning at the market.


And let me add, Happy Leap Year!  I stole this picture from a friend’s FB post.. it’s so great.  Hope the one guy doesn’t get hung up on those barbs!

leaping dogs