Peachment Schmeachment

January 31, 2020

Or… This is so Indefensible. But Go Ahead and Try.

Moments ago, the US Senate voted against the idea of witnesses and documents in Trump’s impeachment trial. Even though a witness with first hand testimony — the thing the republicans said they didn’t have and couldn’t convict without — is available and very willing to share his very important (and of course revealing) perspectives on the story.

On its face, this is just so ugly.  If you know nothing about anything, this factor alone renders the trial a ridiculous sham. Coulda heard from an eyewitness. Wouldn’t. Why? Because John Bolton would offer, as his book manuscript now reveals, incriminating and compelling testimony to support removing the president* from office.

The repubs–backed into a corner by virtue of a rock solid case by the dems that pretty much proves his guilt–say that even if he’s guilty of doing exactly what he is accused of doing, which is now universally accepted (because, duh), these actions are not impeachable. Repubs simply don’t think it’s a high crime…they say now. They think maybe it’s “inartful” and “imperfect” (even if the president thinks his behavior is perfect), but, well..  it’s not IMPEACHABLE bad. (It should be noted that their argument was an ever-shifting one, as they were forced to regroup and alter their talking points as the trial went on and the evidence mounted against their case.) And even if there is a direct witness who can add some info to the story, they don’t want to hear it because 1) they don’t think it adds to the body of evidence they already have (it could); 2) it’d put them in the awkward place of having to support a thug liar of a president (because that surely would be evident); 3) they want to acquit him before the State of the Union in four days so he can crow about his innocence and whine about his victimhood. Those meany dems.

Just. Makes. Me. Sick.

It will be interesting as the days, weeks and months wear on. I’ve dreaded 2020 because of the deeply disgusting 2016 campaign and am certain we’re in for more of the same… likely worse by orders of magnitude. But add what has been unleashed in the president’s acquittal, all that has been undermined and compromised in the realm of co-equal branches of government, checks and balances, executive branch oversight. Oh my god, the dread… it’s palpable in my gut. (Clearly, I let this stuff get to me way too much.) But as I started to say, it will be interesting to see how Senators defend themselves.  Because their actions are, duh, indefensible.

I remember thinking a few months back, and I have to remember this…. Best case: Trump’s guilt is proven, House impeaches, Senate acquits, and the people–angry, betrayed and ready for vengeance–vote out enough Senators that they lose their majority. The dems hold the house, and, with any luck, though I’m doubtful, Trump loses by a landslide. Then, for dessert, faces conviction in so many courts for so many laws broken that he spends the rest of his life humiliated and in prison.

An angry citizen can dream.

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2 Responses to “Peachment Schmeachment”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Life in the post- truth era. Kafka would be so inspired.

    • Kari Says:

      Putin is jealous. Not even he has such a protective wall around his corrupt presidency. There’s no fealty like the fealty Trump’s achieved.

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