Hello, I’m Fine

April 24, 2017


Hi. It’s been awhile. A lot has happened.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided I’m a gonna backfill a whole bunch of back blogs… meaning: I’m going to post photos and write about the events (big and even tiny) that have occurred since I last wrote on January 19th… just a little over three months ago.

I had to think about this. I’m sort of at the start of a new chapter in my life, as it turns out, and I had to think about [many things, but, in this case] the value of blogging. Going forward, do I want to continue to write daily, to note the day’s happenings in the same way, for whose benefit, to what end? How might this look in a post kid-at-home world? How does this merge with my priorities from here out… am I a writer, are photos and commentary a good way to tell a story, does a story need to be told?

Well… I like to reflect, I like to document, I like the  idea of leaving a trail. Maybe I’m weird that way, maybe not. Maybe I’m just disciplined, or OCD. Dunno.

I do know this: a lot has happened, and yeah… now that I’ve got a bit of distance, I want to reflect from a slightly higher plane. I guess. I’ve got a boatload of photos I’d like to share, too.

Mom passed away. That’s the biggest thing–one of the biggest things ever to have happened in my life, actually. Lots to write about… I have a lot to say, and will.

An inauguration happened, I got my hip replaced, we’re selling our family home of the last nearly sixty years.

And lots of other things. I will write about them and probably confuse y’all, cuz the entries will come sporadically and very out of order. Do your best to keep up. [Smile.]

[And when the book comes out, this entry will sorta stick out and not make sense, chronologically speaking… but there it is.]

For now, oddly, I’m sitting at the Plaza. Funny morning: I’d driven down yesterday from Davis, arriving at Matt’s in time for a nice glass of wine out by the fire pit, out by the pool… nice after a long drive. We went to dinner  (greek, my fave), watched a movie (Jackie, a bit odd), and I didn’t fall asleep until sometime after 5:00am. Right. Got up this morning at 6:15, had some coffee with Matty (and the densest protein bar I’ve ever barely-digested), then headed up here to PV to spend some time in the house….

From about the Jack Kramer Club, knowing I was close to the barn, my intestines started rumbling like a freight train. I know this is TMI, but it was all I could do to hold everything in place until I got to mom’s.

I got to mom’s and scrambled as fast as I could to the front door, squeezing like a crazy person to keep it all in…. to find that the bolt lock had been set, a lock for which I do not have a key.  Called Chris in a panic… not home.

Considered options, then chose to drive like a fiend to the Plaza… knowing I could find parking quickly and make a run for the Yellow Vase’s bathroom.

Which I did.

Cutting to chase: all fine. Relaxed, happy, sitting in a pretty French-themed cafe, sipping my au lait (NOT in celebration of yesterday’s French election) and am now waiting for Chris–who just called–to show up and join me.

All for now.

Check in later for some real updates.