Twelfth Annual First …

August 27, 2014

… Day of School!

It’s also his twelfth year–counting kindergarten–standing in front of the sycamore (a tree planted when Peter was an infant, nourished by his very own placenta…. a fact I’m sure I’ve shared).

They do grow.


And it’s not like I ran after him down the street or anything … which I didn’t … but I did stand at the end of the driveway with a fully telephoto’d lens. Because being discreet is very important in these situations.


(Walking because he’s still not replaced his stolen bike.)

3 Responses to “Twelfth Annual First …”

  1. So great! When’s he’s an old duffer like me he will really appreciate your mad telephoto skillz!

  2. Peter and that sycamore are SO intimately linked. Both tall and strapping.

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