August 1, 2014

Here are some home facts:

I was born in a beach bungalow. Well, I was born in a hospital, but I spent my first year in a teeny (really teeny) bungalow on 39th Street in Manhattan Beach, just one and a half blocks from the breaking waves. (And too young to even know I lived on the beach, much less enjoy it!)

My parents then moved into another wee house, this one in Palos Verdes (though bigger than the beach bungalow), which accommodated our family until the third kid was on his way, and my Dad made way more money. I was three when they bought another house just up the street.

And that is the house my mom is still in (55 years and counting!)

So, this is what’s funny to me about the family home: Because my mom’s still there and because it’s the house I grew up in and return to for visits, holidays, family events and whatnot, and is the home my brothers grew up in, and is full of memories, furniture and other artifacts of Peterson family life, it represents home. I may call Davis home–well, I absolutely call Davis home–but the PV home is my nucleus.. my epicenter of home-ness.

But here’s the thing: I only lived there for 15 years (plus a couple summers between college years). That’s it! Jim and I have lived in our Davis home many more years (well, 18), so really, as homes go, Davis  is my main squeeze. And it’s the home where Peter was born. In fact, Peter–who, you know, was born just yesterday–has already lived in his family home longer than I lived in my family home.

Whatever significance that may hold.

I guess I’m just thinking about how life is so huge, and the events so defining, when we’re young, and home seems to be where one gets her/his start in life. Or where one goes back to. Or where one finds one’s mom. But maybe home is where one is living.  Or where the heart is.


So, I’m home… back in Davis. Landing at the Sac airport this evening, seeing the expanse of colorful, verdant farmland stretched out as far as the eye could see from 35,000′, was blissful. Great to be back in Northern California. With my family. Where I’m the mom.

They don’t directly relate, but here are a random few photos of my two homes taken from today’s iPhone photo set:

Nothing says Palos Verdes like the giant eucalyptus in Mom’s front yard:


Massive. And it’s a beautiful tree.

Or mom’s candy dish:


Here’s this morning’s coffee mug (made this for mom, and just love it):



“Mom’s mug”… get it?  Mug, mug…

And finally, driving home past rows of crops in the setting sun:


This shot? Just a couple of miles from my house…  love it.