What’s Good About Summer

August 17, 2014

I can get used to summer. (I know, we all can.)

It’s a lot of walking around in bare feet.

It’s having a lot of fresh fruit around and a scatter of vegetables on the butcher block that cames from our garden (yes). Mostly, I’m thinking of bending over the sink eating a ripe peach or plum or nectarine. Or a great melon. Or a bowl of strawberries.

It’s windows wide open in the evening to let in all the cool delta breezes. It’s fans blowing, and air softly moving.

It’s a relaxed pace, where get up times and go to bed times are whatever.

There is just hardly any schedule at all, hardly any stress.

And of course the hammock, which I’ve written about plenty. I’m having a thing about that hammock.

It’s a lot more, but these things stand out.

Tonight, we needed to use up some of our Rivercats tickets–we are required to purchase ten vouchers in return for the privilege of Peter getting to play with the DHS team at Raley Field… and then we get to redeem them for tickets to be used whenever we want. So we had a bunch of those and decided to use two tonight.

Warm summer night, baby! Baseball, peanuts, beer, (and cotton candy). And these things:




They call it a chicken fajita bowl.  Not bad… some rice, chicket, cheese, onions, salsa, tortilla strips and a roasted pepper. Beyond my lap, is my beer.  We are satisfied.

Sun setting on downtown Sac makes for an urbany backddrop, sure I’ve written about that before:



And my seat mates:



It was a lightly-attended game and super light traffic. Easy in, easy out. Super pleasant all around. Rivercats lost. No worries…. there was music, good energy, warm breezes and the aforementioned ballpark food.