Peter just got back from a 4-day camping trip with some baseball friends today. Tomorrow, we leave again for a 10-day Yosemite trip.

Poor guy. Summer’s rough.



That is Jake’s mom, Kathy on the far right. She, apparently, takes a ton of kids camping every year. Kathy, herself, has seven kids, so by the time you include many of those (this year, I believe four or maybe five of them came) and throw in their friends, well… it’s a big group. And, for the most part, Kathy handles most of the duties. High functioning or nuts. Maybe both.

They went to Lodgepole Campground which, as I understand it, is near the Emigrant Gap area off I-80, not all that far from the summit.

Front row: Jake (Kathy’s son), Solly, Peter, Ray, Kathy
Top row: Friend, friend, friend, Leah (Kathy’s daughter)

Another son (college sophomore) was there with a whole bunch of his friends, plus one of Kathy’s older daughters and her son. ¬†After that, I lose count.

Anyway, dirt, lake, logs, rocks, fire, trails, bear, mountain lion (maybe)… I heard about many adventures. Peter said he had a really fun time.

Photo, courtesy of somebody who was there, which I was not.