August 15, 2014

This is what happens….




…when you are old and try to do two things at once!

Thing one: play catch with your son… who throws HARD; and

Thing two: try to clock the speed of that blazingly fast hardball holding a radar gun in the other, non-gloved hand.

Peter was dying to know how the thinner air at 8900′ would affect the speed of his fastball. Because… he’s like that.

Being a nice dad (note, I didn’t say dumb dad), Jim agreed to catch him. And operate the radar gun. At the same time. (I quickly had other things to do.)

Apparently, Jim was able to get a bit of his glove on the ball, but most of it bounced off the glove and hit him square on the…

Here are another couple shots to give you a better perspective:



Nice color, huh?



The above shots were taken five days after the initial trauma.

I know I have definitely aged out of playing catch with Peter; I don’t have a glove thick enough, nor reflexes quick enough!