Time Weights for No One

August 19, 2014

It’s not like I have a lot of room in my office for the addition of a weight bench… but I’ve determined that this is the next stop on the find-the-perfect-exercise-routine tour.

A weight bench in my office. So I can conduct a full body weight workout in the comfort (and convenience) of my own house.

Having worked with Igor a few weeks ago on an ideal weight routine, I have a much better sense of how to use weights to get a full and effective workout. He crafted a great program–three different routines to be done on three different days of the week– that would pretty much address all the body parts. (I’m sure I talked about this already. Ad nauseam. As I do. )

A good number of the exercises included Peter’s giant home gym thing that takes up about half our outside porch. While these were well-conceived,  effective workouts, I found the set up of each exercise involving the monster home gym to be extremely cumbersome… which means it’s a deal breaker, because…. given the choice to go outside (where it’s dusty and probably too hot or too cold or too windy) and wrestle with numerous settings on the various mechanical arms and legs of this thing, mess with the weights and the weight holders, finagle inserts into awkward slots, and maneuver myself into the various tricky positions to use the damn thing properly? I’m probably going to go do something–anything–else.

Simple, doable and convenient are the tickets to sustainability. Sustainability is the key to lasting fitness. You can quote me on this.





Not completely there yet, but getting closer.. like, I need space to move my arms around, for example.  Perfection takes time but not too much time or I’ll get all flabby.  So, you know…working on it.