August 2, 2014

Oldest line in the family of my in-laws…. Framed… as in, I got Framed.

One can do a lot with a family name like Frame.

Today was a mini Frame reunion. In fact, it was so mini, it was more like just a family gathering. It was hosted by Jim’s Uncle Mike and Aunt Marsue in their crazy garden in the hills of Clayton, for us about an hour away.

Traditionally, the Frames have a reunion every two years which brings together the eleven Frame siblings (those remaining)–all of whom were born in the same house in Lawrence, Kansas starting sometime just before the 1920s–and their families.

However, for some reason, the reunion was not held last year, as scheduled.  So, Jim’s aunt decided we should at least gather those in the vicinity. One of the uncles came from outside that vicinity, so it felt like a special gathering.

There were eleven of us today, including three of the original Frame brothers–Jim’s uncles Dean, Kent and Mike.

A good time was had, even if it wasn’t a full-blown reunion.

Anyway, Mike is a gardener, designer, builder, artist, handy guy. He’s covered every single square inch of space in their large backyard with raised beds, terraces, trellises, archways, numerous seating areas, swings, art, mirrors, more art, pathways leading up and down the slopes & banks, and cobbled pathways that wind all over the place. It’s quite the ongoing project–the Winchester Mystery House of gardens–and very difficult to photograph. But, here are a couple shots:

He’s got his various crops assigned to their own beds–and lots of them–tomatoes, artichokes, peppers, onions, squash, etc. He’s got trees: citrus, peaches, plums, figs, avocados and someI couldn’t identify. Grape vines, too.


The art’s a hoot… whimsical wood and ceramic sculptures, various rock constructions, bottle art, all kinds of hanging things. This particular tree is covered with favorite quotations printed on colored wood blocks:


This is the main patio, with a basket of garden bounty on a beautiful wooden table (misters and fans are keeping everything cool):


I took lots of people shots, and of course group shots, but this is my favorite: Peter’s cousin and great buddy, Ben: