Cats’ Last Stand

August 29, 2014

You’d think I was a River Cats fan. I’m not, but I can’t imagine ever saying no to a baseball game and can’t imagine not root root rooting for the home team (or whoever) when there. Not rabid, not hugely invested, but for the time I’m there, I can get swept away in fanism. At least mildly, at least enough to “get loud” as directed by the jumbotron in the bottom of the 9th, trailing by two, two men on, no outs.

And then there’s food.

Which, of course, was great, but I binged out, not to mention I ate everything I was going to eat tonight before the end of the 1st inning.

(Whenever I get near sick from eating too much, I’m reminded of Cathy.)



Anyway, 80 degrees and all the trimmings on a perfect night in the waning days of summer.

Some shots — and yeah, lots of playing with Camera + filters. So sue me (people can get so touchy about this form of artistic expression (as expressed by selecting a filter button or two on my phone)… sheesh).




Tower Bridge, etc.





Ate so many peanuts..




The last thing I ate, in an impressive succession of ballpark food, was pink and blue cotton candy…. and how funny that 1) you can see the cotton candy vendor in this pic and 2) the sky looks EXACTLY like the bag of cc I ate!




In the end, there were fireworks: