Long Beach Style

August 24, 2014

It was a Long Beach day.  So, over the Vincent Thomas Bridge we went (rumor has it, that the I-guess-famous, giant, yellow rubber duck was floating in the harbor and maybe a tall ship or two, and also a Catalina paddle event thing….so traffic around San Pedro was thick and slow), and into downtown LB. Snapped a few from the driver’s seat (while stopped at reds) along Ocean Blvd and applied some arty filters.. because art:









Then pulled up to Legends, on Second Street in Belmont Shores, for lunch. Matt and John met us at the curb.  I fronted-in to a small space (because Second Street is so busy, parallel parking is a real hassle) and it took me many back and forths to wedge in, especially as I wanted to avoid hitting the fancy gold car parked ahead.  Finally settled into my spot, got out and Matt says, “how do you like Michael’s new car?”referring to said fancy gold car.

It took a little convincing on Matt’s part, but we finally believed that it was, in fact, Michael’s new car… a happy 50th birthday gift from Matt.  It’s a 1969, I believe he said.

What a guy.

We oohed and awed a bit…



…checked out the instruments and stuff… I think he said it’s all original:



…then went inside for lunch; below, mom and Matty (I love this picture):





A couple shots from inside:

First, the beer that bartender John recommended, based on my beer tastes — planning to remember this one:


And some views of the place…



… including the gargantuan big screen TV (largest west of Mississippi, we’re told), on which the final game of the Little League World Series was playing (nice!):


All and all, a nice lunch with mom, me, John, Michael, Alexis and, here and there, Matt.

Time to go…

Thanks, Matt for having such a fun restaurant! Buh bye, see ya next time: