I’ll Have a Manhattan

August 23, 2014

Today, mom and I 1) walked about a half mile on the Esplanade in Redondo Beach (and had a painful conversation about the Peterson style of communication (a term I use lightly); 2) bought some figs at Trader Joe’s in Hollywood Riviera; 3) ate lunch at Ercole’s (a bar) in Manhattan Beach; 4) bought a few things in a cotton boutique on Manhattan Ave; 5) went back to the Esplanade to look at the surf and sun and feel those breezes (just…o.m.g.); 6) drove down to Malaga Cove and up Paseo del Mar to look at Bluff Cove; 7) drove around the Plaza to see what shops were still there. Came home. We pooped. Our day in pictures:

Views from the Esplanade:





Lunch at the old bar in Manhattan Bch:



I’ll have a Guinness with that burger:


Strolling along Manhattan Avenue.. Ercole’s is behind the window above the bricks:


What Manhattan looks like from the water, if you’re an artist:


Then, up on the hill….looking northwest:



Looking south:




Looking west, mostly:






(I love that shot…)

Oh, and while I maybe could have used a few today, I don’t drink Manhattans.


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