Slow News Day

July 30, 2014

I may have a hard time turning this into a blog post… but here goes.

First, nothing happened today.. which is good if you’re providing support to your 85-year-old mom who’s recovering from pneumonia.

But, actually, one thing did happen:

I went to pour cream into my coffee this morning, and out came chunks that looked more like thick, gloppy sour cream than the 1/2 and 1/2 I was so expecting.  Very disappointing if coffee with cream is one of those things you’re really, really looking forward to.

Then, growing suspicious, I looked inside the carton of nonfat milk that I bought just yesterday and found what looked like a square of soft tofu swimming in not-very-white milk. There went the cereal plan.

And finally, I realized that the half-gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice that had bloated up to something half-again its normal size… was probably not normal.  When I unscrewed the cap, a gust of gas whooshed out. Yeah, definitely not normal.

Remembering that Jim had complained a couple of days ago that his beer was undrinkable (because it was warm), I started to think we were having a refrigerator problem.

Long story short, Sergio, pictured here on a ladder with a vacuum in his hand, came over and, after a short investigation, announced we had severely clogged filters in the compressor compartment, which, if not thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis (annually is suggested), leads to all kinds of refrigerator inefficiencies, which leads to the one thing refrigerators are designed to prevent: spoiled food (which we now have a ton of).


Sergio also brought up on his iPhone the record of service calls to Via La Selva.. the last one being “December 2005: Customer said food was not cold.” Funny guy, Sergio. So, okay, this had happened before. But, it won’t happen again! Annual maintenance from here on out; promise!

Anyway, he vacuumed the filters and thinks we’ll be back to cold food within 24-48 hours. All is back to good on Via La Selva. Big shopping trip tomorrow to replace all the spoiled food.

So there was that.

A related and very annoying thing happened next… not really worth mentioning, but it was a slow news day and I got a picture, so here’s the next part of this story:

The orange juice I mentioned? I’d taken it out of the refrigerator and laid it on its side on the counter (because the plastic bottle was so distended it no longer stood up). I meant to empty it, but forgot. A couple hours later I came into the kitchen to find it had leaked all over the counter and onto the floor, and then, most annoyingly, into the third drawer down that just happened to be open a crack. As luck would have it, there were a thousand things in this drawer (including eight crab pliers, four wine bottle openers, two basting syringes, various martini-making accessories, rarely used baking paraphernalia, a meat roasting fork thing that I impaled myself on, and more), the entire contents of which had to be removed and cleaned. Of course I have a couple shots:

Here’s the drawer with most of the contents removed and most of the orange juice sucked up:


And here is the sink full of sticky utensils:


I know.. but as I said… slow news day.


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