Eat, Play, Love

July 28, 2014

Settling in for the week. I am spelling my brothers, who’ve been doing most of the work so far on mom’s post-hospital recovery effort. My turn to share the love. No big plans.. no beach walks, even. Just rest. How about some settling-in, day-in-the-life haikus? Mostly because there’s not much else to write about.

Mom is doing well
Pneumonia does not stop her
Should be a fun week

First, coffee and cream
Then, go fetch the LA Times
Meds, shower, breakfast

Clean up from breakfast
Endless hands of gin rummy
Snack plate’s always close

Now to plan dinner…
Chicken is marinating
Let’s play some more cards

Clean up from dinner
Talk, read, text, blog, and email
Now it’s time for bed



I know. Best I could do.


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