Good News, Bad News

July 23, 2014

It was a good-news, bad-news kinda day….

The bad news: My mom got the dreaded pneumonia bug which, after three weeks of not getting better, landed her in the hospital. You don’t want to get pneumonia if you’re a frail 85-year-old with vital organs in a delicate balance.

The good news: She got out on Monday, after only six days, and spent two hours today sitting on a bench looking at the ocean. I’m heading down to see her tomorrow.

Here’s a great shot, not taken today, but you get the idea. Sheer joy.


The bad news: We haven’t yet built that backyard, stone-sided, very cool raised garden bed.

(See blank spot in upper left corner of picture, just beyond the foot bridge….)


The good news: In the meantime, we planted some vegetables and herbs in the front yard.

The bad news: We committed the classic rookie-gardener error–not keeping an eye on those zucchinis.


Look at these two whales.. way bigger than bananas.. ridiculous:


The good news: Our backyard crape myrtle had a world record, eye-popping bloom this year, hitting a spectacular high note in the first week of July:




The bad news: Something weird happened. What is typically a three-month lavender color fest in our backyard is now this… so sad:




No idea what happened.

The good news: The opening game of the Junior Legion’s post-season playoffs is tomorrow and Peter Frame is on the mound for Davis!


(Please excuse the slightly dated picture of Peter, with braces!)

The bad news: I will miss this game. I think the last time I missed a game, other than that one pre-season scrimmage at the beginning of the JV season, was when I went to Nepal and missed three of Peter’s games in his final season of Little League. Way to go, mom.

The bad news: I thought I had another basel cell carcinoma. I took a picture of it and sent it to my dermatologist and she wanted to see me right away.


The good news: I went in today for the exam and it turned out to be just a broken blood vessel, “come back in a year for your annual scan,” she said.

The good news: I finished all that filing–bills, Peter’s sophomore year, bills, five seasons of baseball, bills, writing projects, bills, travel paraphernalia, bills, photos, and some bills.

The even better news: I’m never letting those things pile up again. Fantastic news, huh?

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